Rough Credit or income History

Even if your company has run into financial trouble in the past, Yellow Iron Loans can help. Our 20% down program is available to all of our clients, even those with damaged credit and low revenue. Additionally, you may be able to leverage your existing assets or equipment in lieu of putting down cash, effectively making this a zero down loan! Yellow Iron Loans also has lower down payment options available for qualified clients. 

Zero down Loans with interest rates
as low as 2.4% for well qualified companies

Yellow Iron Loans has some of the lowest Interest loans rates in the country, even on zero down loans. Stock-exchange-listed and otherwise verified companies with excellent credit histories will qualify for the above low rate. Established small to medium-sized companies with excellent credit and revenue histories can qualify for rates as low as 4.5%, with no down payment requirements.

GU Loans has more choices.


Time in business required
Rates as low as
Loans as large as
Funding time

No Hassle Financing!

There is an overwhelming number of business credit options. Talk to one of our loan officers to help you sort through the confusion and come up with a solution that is right for your business. We make the process as easy as possible. In most cases you will not need to come up with hundreds of pages of financial documents. We also know that no one has perfect credit, which is why perfect credit is not required for you to get help from us. 

You don’t need to worry or be stressed out. We make your approval and funding process easy and fast. Yellow Iron Loans will help you with higher credit lines, less complicated approvals, and numerous options tailored to every kind of credit history. We believe in you when other banks don’t. That is why we offer some of the most competitive start-up loans for new businesses.

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Client Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than helping you grow your business. Please let us know if you would like to share your success story and have your business featured in this space. 

It took my bank 37 days and lots of documentations to decline my business loan. Yellow Iron Loans approved my loan in less than a day and didn’t ask for bank statements, financials or tax returns. Here is the kicker , the interst rate Yellow Iron Loans gave me was lower than the rate my bank declined me for. 

Maria H

I started using Yellow Iron Loans because they were the only finance company that funded start up construction companies.  Now I use Yellow Irons Loans because they make it easy to to finance and always give me a great rate. My company would not exist if GU Loans didn’t.  


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